Q : Did you verify the cable by any devices?
A : Yes we did. Astro design, Murideo, Quantum Data, Tektronix, Keysight Technologies, and top-notch Projectors SONY, JVC and EPSON at their laboratories.

Q : What is benefit to use this cable?
A : You will earn trust from your customer because of the quality and performance. Then you don't have to waste your time to fix a trouble.

Q : Does it come off the connector?
A : No. The cable does not come off the connector for high transmission performance.

Q : Why can't I see the products and price? 
A : You can see it after registration and activation.

Q : How much is the wholesale price?
A : It depends on the contract. Should you need further information, please let me know.

Q : Can I order just one for the item?
A : Yes, you can order just one.

Q : Do I need USB wall charger with the cable?
A : Basically it works without external power. But it depends on your system and length so you should order the USB wall charger or prepare some one when you order over 100ft length.